"Let us introduce the fermented soy products of Taehwa Food
with 70 years of history."
"The very soybean paste you cannot stop seeking once tasted it!
Representative products of Taehwa Food"

Soybean Paste

범일 콩된장
3kg / 14kg

Contains 36.5% of well - boiled beans and has a good texture of bean grains

A savory taste through low-temperature ripening process over a long period of time

Suitable for soybean paste stew as well as a variety of bean paste dishes

Available in 3 sizes of bean grains - large, medium, small

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범일 국된장
3kg / 14kg

Nutrition-filled bean paste made with twice-boiled beans and traditionally cultivated malted rice

Superb combination of mild and slightly sweet flavor by using rice

Is good for cooking Japanese style soybean soup (Miso soup)

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