"Brand Story"
Let us tell you of the stories of Bumil and Gompyo, the fermented soy product brand of Taewha Food.
'Bumil' began as 'Bumil Brewing Facility'
in Bumil-dong, Busan. For over 70 years,
Bumil has kept the traditional flavors and methods alive.


Original Bumil Soybean Paste in 1950s-60s
Bumil Soybean Paste, the representative product of Taehwa Food!
In the old days when there were no production facilities as we do now, wooden containers were made by hands to stuff them full of the products before selling them. Our long history of sincerity can be glimpsed from such track record of ours.
Original Buamil Soy Sauce in 1950s-60s
Having been loved by high-class sushi restaurants, Japanese restaurants, etc. from the past to the present, Bumil Soy Sauce has always sold its products with sophisticated designs meeting the customer needs.
TV advertising broadcasted
in Gyeongsangnam-do during 1980s
Bumil products in 1990s
At the time, with the belief that substantiality is more important than appearance, we had the opportunity to step upward by focusing more on quality rather than packaging.
Current Bumil products
We have launched a variety of products by listening to the opinions of customers and concerning ourselves with how to use the products more conveniently, and how to represent our products more effectively. Appreciating your opinions, we will actively consider and reflect them to our products.