"Let us introduce the fermented soy products of Taehwa Food
with 70 years of history."
"The beginning of the history of Taehwa Food,
which many famous Busan restaurants with long history
have appreciated for decades."

Soy Sauce

범일 간장
1.8L / 13L

Bumil’s signature soy suace which has been with Bumil throughout 70 years of history

Contains 80% of the natually fermented brewed soy sauce which brings out a deeper flavor

It can be fully enjoyed when served with raw food such as Sashimi, Sushi and salad

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범일 진간장
1.8L / 13L

Presented for consumers who want a high quality soy sauce with a reasonable price

Soft and rich flavor and smell

Goes well with all sorts of Korean food especially boiled dishes and stir-fried dishes

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범일 불간장
1.8L / 13L

Secret recipe of famous Korean BBQ restaurants

Is a special sauce with higher sweetness and lower salinity, and is specialized in seasoning meat (Bulgogi)

Also a great replacement for sugar when cooking seasoned vegetables and stir-fries

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범일 국간장

Soft and watery to help maintain the unique flavor of all dishes

The salinity is proper to seaon the soup dishes

Besides soup dishes, it also goes well with side dishes such as seasoned vegetables

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곰표 참간장

Launched for consumers who want a high quality product with an affordable price

Mild flavor and rich taste

Highly versatile in a variety of Korean dishes not only pickled dishes but also boiled and stir-fried dishes

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곰표 국간장
1.8L / 13L

Very popular among restaurants and businesses specialized in soup and stew dishes

Pure in taste and bright in color, it makes wonderful seasoning for soup dishes

Goes well with most soup dishes such as noodle broth and stews

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곰표 진간장
1.8L / 13L

With high utilization in cooking various dishes, it is sought-after sauce at restaurants and cafeterias.

Unique savory taste of thick soy sauce is well preserved

Good for the dishes such as boiled and stir-fried dishes to seaon with soy sauce

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