"Let us introduce the fermented soy products of Taehwa Food
with 70 years of history."
“Sparing no ingredient rewards you
with rich taste, though of rather crude color“

Ssamjang/ Gochujang

범일 쌈장
3kg / 14kg

Contains 66.5% of Bumil Soybean Paste with a variety of ingredients such as garlic, onion and ginger

Savory taste is beyond comparison by using a high content of Bumil Soybean Paste

Its rich flavor is well-harmonized with all sorts of meat, especially pork belly, and vegetable dishes

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범일 쌈장 순

The new type of ssamjang for those who want soft taste from Samjang!

With the deep taste of Bumil Soybean Paste intact, it tastes mildly sweet without being overly salty.

It can be used in a variety of recipes including meat, vegetables and pork entrails.

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범일 고추장
3kg / 17kg

Deliciously spicy red pepper paste which is rich in red pepper power and has a dark red color

Has a savory, spicy taste with less sweetness by containing 12.8% of sufficient amount of red pepper powder

Good for cooking Korean food in need of spiciness

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