"Brand Story"
Let us tell you of the stories of Bumil and Gompyo, the fermented soy product brand of Taewha Food.
"the reasonably priced soy sauce brand,
has long presented quality flavors
focusing on traditional markets and restaurants in Korea."


'Gompyo products in 1980s
In 1980s, we focused on the small size products and produced vinegar.
'Advertisement in 1980s
It is the billboard installed in Haeundae area in Busan in the past. Although a little bit awkward from current viewpoint, the phrase on it is still impressive.
'80s-‘90s, product loading checked before delivery
Although just a normal day, it makes you realize the advancement so far, with the label design before the change and the rather sloppy plastic containers contrasting with current appearance.
'Product design of '90s
In those days, brands of various animal names were in vogue besides Gompyo and we sold all our fermented soy products with the brand name of Gompyo.
Current products with Gompyo brand
For customers of small alley restaurants and traditional markets who feel burdened with high-priced soy sauce, we have reestablished the Gompyo brand. Now, Gompyo meets customers as the reasonably-priced special soy sauce brand without price bubbles.